Evan Ruggerio

Evan began dancing at the young age of five after he went to pick up his sister with his mother from a dancing studio. By the age of 10, he joined New Jersey Tap Ensemble. He soon danced at the Lincoln Theatre among others. He was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare bone cancer of the right leg and after several surgeries, the cancer returned and spread to his lungs.

Unfortunately, he was left with no other choice, but to amputate his leg and undergo chemotherapy for 16 months to save his life. However, that did not change his spirit; Evan resumed Tap dancing soon after his treatment. While most people wouldn’t even have the courage to start over, but his enthusiasm and determination did not let cancer become a setback in his career.

Evan knew that dance was an important part of his life and he used it to gain his strength and confidence back It was dance that brought him to a life he had always wanted. He went on to pursue his dream and proved that everything is possible in life and there’s nothing that cannot be done. Also, His journey led him to becoming a motivational speaker and be an inspiration to all.


Julia Doherty

I’ve always loved performing and my first stage show was Annie when I was 6 years old. Ballet came to me later though. I wasn’t really fond of taking classes and they had to force me to go. I usually had a horrible attitude in the studio and it was difficult for me to be coached by my mother. As grew old, I realised that the corrections my mother made in my performances were not personal and I understood that I was at a studio and not at home. It took me some time to adjust, but then I finally did and enjoyed learning.

I’m more mature now and I know that I cannot have a foul temper every time I go to class. I’ve learnt that people will always try to impose their opinions on you or try to criticise you for everything that you do. It is important to take it as constructive criticism because that will help you down the road. This has changed the equation with my mother too. I practice with her when I go home and it’s definitely different from what it used to be when I was younger.

Unlike several other children, I wasn’t keen on learning any sport because I felt that I was too soft to handle something so aggressive like football. Despite my resistance, my parents asked me to stick with it and I’m glad they did because I love it now. I got a glimpse into the world of strict ballet when I was 9 years old.

I got into the finals and even though I was so young, I was inspired by all the professionals and I think that’s what really got me interested. Ballet became addictive and after putting in so much effort, it feels rewarding to see the results. “I think that my work is far from over. There’s so much more that I’d like to learn. I’d like to be able to hone my skills and perform without any hesitation- that I think comes from experience.

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Christian Moore

My name is Christian Moore. I am a dancer, dance photographer, dance teacher and choreographer based out of Minnesota.

My dance journey is complicated and full of twists and turns. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do with dance.

Growing up, I was actually a hockey player. And though I grew up around the dance studio, I left the dance to my little sisters for the most part. I was a varsity hockey player through highschool. Then when I turned 17, I enlisted in the Air Force, and left for training.

I was gone for over a year in training. When I returned home, I joined a reserve unit in my home town. I was able to spend more time with my family, but my sister Shannon was always gone at dance. I wanted to spend more time with her. So I started watching her classes at the studio.

As time went on, I wanted to be able to relate to my sister with dance, so I ended up taking an adult ballet class. From the moment I stepped into the studio and took my first Plié, I was thinking in my mind, "why have I never done this before?" The simple act of moving to the melodic piano music was very relaxing and special. I had never experienced something like this.

From that day forward I was hooked on dance. I began dancing and taking class wherever and whenever I could. I took workshops and classes at multiple studios and began studying terminology and dance history at home.

It was around this time I also picked up dance photography. I started off very small and did not have a lot of clientele at first, but my determination and somewhat natural ability with photography soon gained me quite the following on social media and within the dance community.


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Adriana Haslet Davis
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