Asha Rostron

Asha Rostron is 10 Years old and lives in Sydney Australia. She has been dancing ever since she could walk. She loves every part of dance and is currently studying every genre including singing and acting.

She currently dances 6 days a week. She has won 3 of the biggest competitions in Australia; Dance Life Unite, Showcase and Follow Your Dreams. Winning these amazing comps helped her to build confidence and skills needed to take on the dance world opening up doors to travel to America and compete in some amazing competitions there as well. 

Asha won Miss Starpower overall in America two times and was invited to compete in the World Dance Pageant. This involved 3 days of dance, workshops, interviews and modelling.

She was over the moon, shocked and excited when they called her out as Miss World Dance Petite Winner and was proud to always have that title to her name.

She has also won Miss Abby Lee Ultimate dance competitions in Sydney, Australia and also was the winner of Maddi and Mackenzie tour in Melbourne. 

Asha was part of the Bonnie Lthygoes production of Peter Pan last year and has also been casted in her new show for this year Sleeping Beauty. 

Asha Says “I am so excited to be asked to be an ambassador for Godatu it is a huge privilege to be amongst the other very talented and humble dancers they have on board. Being someone who has travelled a little with dance I understand and respect The message Godatu is all about uniting and bringing together people through dance.”

Team Godatu is honoured to have Asha as an Ambassador.