Bel Pickering

Hi, my name is Bel Pickering, I’m 16 years old, and I am from England however I live in Arizona. I started to dance around the age of 3 doing ballet and a little gymnastics.

I was born in Russia and got adopted from Russia at the age of 4. I have the best family who believe and will do anything to help me out. They are so into me being happy with my Instagram and ask me every day how many followers do you have, it makes me so happy.

I currently train at Master Ballet Academy in Scottsdale AZ and I mainly focus on ballet and a little contemporary. Last year I placed 1st at YAGP Phoenix for classical variations and this year I also placed 1st at YAGP Dallas for my classical variations.

I just got back from competing at the Yagp finals in NYC and placed in the top 12 for senior women!”