Cardin Elliott

Cardin is an 8 year old dancer that lives in Mississippi. She has only danced for a little over a year and a half, but has proven herself to be fierce and dedicated in that short time span. Before dance, she cheered competitively for 2 years. Cardin trains in many styles of dance, but her favourites are acro/gym and lyrical.

She also participates in several conventions throughout the year to get more training. Her passion and drive to excel is extremely admirable considering her age.

This was Cardin's first full year to compete. She competed at 10 regional competitions placing 1st Overall, high level, in more than half of them. She also is currently holding 2016 titles to Miss Revolution, Miss Star Systems, Miss Petite KAR, and Miss Bravo. She has been awarded many extra awards at competitions as well as scholarships. She also won 1st Overall at KAR Nationals this summer.

Team Godatu is super excited to have Cardin as an Ambassador.