Impact Brothers

The Impact brothers began their venture from a small office in a remote village almost 13 years ago. They watched a group of break dancers and their performance became an inspiration for them which finally led them to learning classical and contemporary style dance. It was challenging because they did not have sufficient funds to join an academy. Marco and Alejandro taught themselves how to dance along with learning acrobatics, but dance became an integral part of their lives and decided to pursue it as a profession.

They incorporated their love for acrobats into dance giving it a unique touch which makes them stand apart from the crowd and their attention to minute details makes their performances nothing less than a masterpiece. They have been a part of television commercials, events, movies and the famous show, Insuperable in which they made it to the finals. The passion is clearly visible in their works which had brought them recognition and respect in the world of dance and made them an inspiration for all the people. Marco and Alejandro mastered each and every single move with each performance despite coming from a humble background.

They proved that only dedication and commitment has brought them so far in their journey despite the lack of professional training. Their passion has not only brought them respect, but also recognition. Team Godatu is proud to have The Impact Brothers as their Ambassadors.