Natalia Dobrowolska

Natalia Dobrowolska is a 15 year old dancer from Warsaw, Poland.

Natalia started dancing when she was 4 years old and continues to develop this way. She trains at Dance Studio Spin Freekies in the group Freekies Adults. He specializes in jazz but also trains ballet and acrobatics. She also trains modern, jazz funk, contemporary, hip hop and dancehall. She also performs in the category Performing Art Improvisation.

For many years she has participated in national and international tournaments. The greatest achievement is winning the World Jazz Championship in Płock. Natalia also attends an art school, where she develops her theatrical skills by taking part in performances. Her words: “Winning is not the most important thing. The losers are those who stand and watch others try”

Team Godatu is thrilled to have her as an Ambassador.