Nivedita Sharma

I'm, Nivedita Sharma and am a hip hop dancer currently working as a freelancer and representing Kings United who were the World Hip Hop Champions Bronze medallist in 2015.

I started dancing when I was 8 years old. I have been to classes for several dance styles like Indian Classical (Kathak), Folk dance, Bollywood, contemporary and Hip Hop.

When I thought of making dance as my career, I was never supported by my family they never ever wanted me to take this as a career, my mother always supported me for dance but only as a hobby but not as a career. But then slowly when she saw me progressing in this field she was completely fine with it. I feel grateful to be able to take dance as a career because everyone is not as lucky as I'm who get to do what they love the most.”


  • India's got talent season 5 
  • ABCD 2 – Bollywood Movie.
  • Featured in the Nike music video “Dada ding which won at the Cannes film festival.
  • Featured on MTV move with me (my documentary).
  • Nike training influencer in India.