Samantha Elmer

Samantha Elmer started her career a little late. She was 14 when she started stretching at home. She didn’t take any classes till this point. She started with stretching at home up until the age of 16.

She then found a local dance school near her house, the MPA Dance Academy. She has been taking classes in the styles of ballet, lyrical and commercial for over 3 years. She now also teaches at the MPA dance academy, her class specialises in flexibility.

Samantha was part of the Cold Water music video. She was also picked to shoot a music video on set in London for a European artist called RADISTAI.

She is an ambassador for her dance school MPA Dance Academy and also for the clothing brands DR Dance Shop, Twenty-Two Clothing, A- Star and Bossy Clothing.

Team Godatu is thrilled to have her as an Ambassador.