Vaishali Sagar Chopra

Born in Porbandar, Gujarat, India, Vaishali was Raised in Mumbai, India. She did her masters in Indian folk dancing under the guidance of her guru Rooma Banerjee. She has also learned Bharatanatyam and Kathak which other classical dance forms of India)

Vaishali will be representing INDIA at the FIDAF (federation of international dance festivals) in South Korea.

She head’s Kalanjay Dance Academy in Mumbai. The academy has over 1000 students and alumni of 3000 students. They teach folk/fusion/semi classical and Bollywood forms of dancing at the academy.

Vaishali has been featured in an initiative called ”my identity my pride” where 51 women from all over India were given credit for the work they did.

She has won Bronze at the biggest folk dance competition in Asia “Lets dance in Cheonan” in South Korea. She Also won Bronze at the same festival for the Street Parade.

She won the Gold at the “del monde” festival in Agrigento, Italy.

Vaishali has represented India at various international folk dance festivals held in France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Poland, Italy, South Korea, turkey, Portugal,

She has performed in over 200 shows in and around India in the last 2 years.

Team Godatu is proud to have Vaishali Sagar as an Ambassador.